Invitation Letter

Today, environmental protection has become the focus point in the global automotive industry. Environmental standards requires OEMs to reduce carbon dioxide emissions. Compared with traditional cars, the new energy vehicle thermal management system is more complicated, not only has air-conditioning systems, but also power battery, motor drive and other cooling needs. The NEV thermal management industry is still in the beginning stage, and the international giants have rich technical reserves. Local enterprises have the advantages of being close to the market and low cost. Both types of enterprises have opportunities. The definition of vehicle thermal management has undergone great changes under the new situation of rapid development of NEV. It is facing multiple challenges including independent innovation capability and product design capability, and it has increasingly become a continuous and important topic in the whole industry.

Organized by Polaris Consulting (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., co-organized by the People Government of Shanghai Jiading District Anting Town, the China International Vehicle Thermal Management Summit 2019 will be held on September 05 - September 06 in Shanghai. The summit will invite Well-known worldwide OEMs, battery(EV&FCV)manufacturer, motor electric control manufacturer, air conditioning system enterprise, cooling system company, thermal management material company, thermal management simulation testing enterprise and government officials and so on, nearly 300 industry professionals together, deep discussion on vehicles thermal management topics from the aspects of domestic and international status and trends, technological breakthroughs and difficulties, the future development of operational models and other issues.

As the industry's leading communication platform, the China International Vehicle Thermal Management Summit 2019 will explore the core development trend of the vehicle thermal management industry, collecting domestic and international thermal management industrial forces, and explore the thermal management in the perspective of industry practitioners. Diverse possibilities in air-conditioning, battery and electric drive. Under the theme of “Leading Thermal Technology Innovation”, let’s break through mediocrity with innovative thinking and changing with innovators.

Hot Spots

    Power Battery Thermal Safety and Thermal Management

    Power System Thermal Management

    Air-conditioning Thermal Management

    FCV Thermal Management

Conference Highlights

  • - With high cost-e?ectiveness, focus on industry hotspots: BEV & FCV Thermal Safety and Thermal Management, Air conditioning Thermal Management and Powertrain Thermal Mana
  • - Taking new energy and environmental protection as the standing point, it combine the diversified needs of passenger cars, and commercial vehicles.
  • - 25+ Global authoritative speakers, with high degree of internationalization
  • - Longitudinal runs through upstream and downstream enterprises, horizontally focusing on market policies, and successively larger proportion of previous cooperative enterprises
  • - Focus on business meetings, senior forum qualifications, and renowned on-site referral services
  • - Supported by 30+ well-known industry media, with a customized brand solution
  • - Nearly 300+ vehicle thermal management industry professionals attending



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