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Invitation Letter

2018-2019 is not a smooth year for China's automotive industry. Both the "falling" new car sales and the slightly cooling second-hand car market are experiencing severe tests. At the same time, in the international economic environment where the "China-US Trade War" is becoming increasingly fierce, the financial industry is also experiencing considerable fluctuations. However, great challenges often mean great opportunities for the future.

This event is planned to invite 260+ senior leaders from domestic and foreign automotive, finance, high technology industries to participate, aiming to explore the future opportunities of automotive finance industry in the face of major challenges. We cordially look forward to your participation!





China Polaris Consulting Co., Ltd.

China?Polaris?Consulting?Co.,?Ltd.?is?the?integrated?service?provider?for?automotive?industry.?We?focus?on?new?energy?vehicle,?intelligent?connected?vehicle, car?design,?automotive?human?resources?management?and?other?sections.?Over?the?past?five?years,?we?have?provided?conference?and?exhibition,?technicaltraining,?site?tour?and?consulting,?resource?docking,?investment?and?financing?and?other?services?for?more?than?6,000?enterprises?and?institutions?around?the?world.?We?have?professional?planning,?marketing,?customer?service?team,?with?independent?service?brand,?and?we?also?undertake?large-scale?service?project?for?government,?associations,?universities,?enterprises.


Yanzhi Automotive Technology New Media

We are committed to building an industrial B2B integrated platform based on content sharing and networking.

The current focus of the platform are: NEV, Intelligent vehicles; Vehicle lightweight, Intelligent manufacturing, Automotive HR management, and Artificial Intelligence.

In addition, our platform also cooperated or settled in many well-known platforms, such as the WeChat public platform, Sohu Auto, Toutiao, Baidu Baijia, Tencent video, iQiYi, Yoku Tudou, Qingting FM, and Ximalaya FM.

On the top of our exhibitions, trainings, communities and contents, we offer comprehensive solutions for companies in the value chain through communicating industrial technology, delivering advanced consulting service, and sharing industry experience via articles, voice and video.


  • NETSOL Technologies
  • Shanghai Shiyi Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.
  • Beijing Certificate Authority Co., Ltd
  • China Financial Certification Authority (CFCA)
  • 佰仟融资租赁有限公司
  • Ebaoquan
  • Fadada
  • Cango Inc.
  • Shenzhen Lan-you Technology Co., Ltd.

Event Structure

Sep 19 Thursday

The latest policy analysis Auto finance

Innovation and integration of insurance service in aftermarket

Sep 20 Friday

The current situation of China's second-hand car market

How does financial innovation upgrade the service of second-hand car market

Sep 19 Thursday

From "Auto Finance" to "New Auto Retail"

Technology facilitates the risk management of financial credit

Sep 20 Friday

The development of time-sharing leasing of new energy vehicles

Application of AI in the field of car rental

Global Auto Finance & Lease Summit 2019

Summit Theme

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